August 6, 2020

We're still in the middle of massive change occurring in the world everywhere. During times of massive change, routines and schedules often start to fluctuate, as we are all well aware of right now. This can create anxiety, stress, and overwhelm. 

We often don...

March 27, 2020

How many of you were enjoying your day on, oh, let’s say, Tuesday? Just a random day. You were doing something you particularly enjoyed (or at the very least, didn’t hate) and were grateful and satisfied. You decided to take a break, opened your phone, and BAM – you su...

March 20, 2020

There are so many things that I want to say, empathy that I want to give, and tools that I want to share with you all. There are so many different directions this blog could go. I want to share everything I have with you all, to lessen your loads, and take away some of...

March 6, 2020

Happy anniversary my crazy possible peeps!

One year ago on March 5th, 2019, the tip 'What's right about this that I'm not getting?' debuted! In honor of the tip that started it all, we are bringing back this classic. Because let's be honest - it's always relevant!


February 20, 2020

How often is self judgment your immediate response? 

What is playing on repeat in the back of your mind?

Do you ever take time to slow down this track and identify what it's saying? 

I never realized that my default setting was to judge myself until I had a chat with my f...

January 30, 2020

What do you turn to in times of stress?

Things have been really intense lately. Have you noticed? 

From the rain forests being on fire, to the threat of new viruses, sometimes it can be... well, a lot! 

So when things become stressful, what do you turn to? 

Do you question...

January 16, 2020

 We all know this - people don't always say what they mean. Some people are passive aggressive, some just like to avoid conflict, but sometimes, people don't even realize that what's coming out of their mouth doesn't match what's coming out of their head!

What does that...

November 15, 2019

What if the rejection you just received is actually a sign that the change you've been asking for is showing up?

Have you ever dated the same type of person over and over again? Then you decided that enough was enough. You were going to change that pattern no matter wha...

October 31, 2019

 BOO! Happy Halloween everyone! 

They say that on All Hallow's Eve, the veil between this reality and the unknown is the thinnest. 

How much do you avoid the unknown? Is it spooky and scary to you? Are there choices in your life that are spooky to you because they m...

October 17, 2019

Have you misidentified calm and ease with being bored? 

When things are easy, do you get bored?

Do you subconsciously create a lot of stress or drama because you're afraid of having space to choose whatever you'd like? 

The first time I had ease in my life, I thought...

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