Guest Speaker: Highly Sensitive People by Shannon Christine

 A Spectrum of Possibilities 


Hello all my awesome party people! Trina here. In honor of Autism Awareness Month, I have asked someone whom I work closely with to write about her own experience as a Highly Sensitive Person. It is a little different than being on the spectrum, but they share many of the same feelings. Please read her inspiring story below. 


"I am a Highly Sensitive Person. Have you heard of that before? Some people call it empathic or being an empath, and some call it intuitive.


Being an HSP (highly sensitive person) is like having all of your senses turned up times 10 – including your nonphysical senses, such as instincts, “gut” reactions, emotions, perception, and awareness. Imagine being hyper aware all of the time, and you will start to get a sense of how overwhelming it can be to have this ability.


It didn’t feel like an ability growing up. It was deeply misunderstood, and so I was heavily diagnosed with different mental health disorders. I have been labeled as ADHD, anxious, depressed, borderline personality disorder, and a few other things along the way. Many HSPs receive these diagnoses, which don’t fully explain the root issue.


I used to make myself wrong for caring too much. I used to make myself wrong for being different, for being too kind, for not fitting in, and for being too much. But not anymore. My difference – and the difference of everyone who has received these diagnoses – is contributing to creating a different future for everyone. Through years of therapy, seeking, healing, learning, growth, and self-awareness, I finally feel safe enough to be who I am. And to share it with all of you.


Another common area that is heavily labeled is the Autism Spectrum Disorder. Autism and Asperger’s are another way of saying someone functions differently than what people are used to. Did you know April is Autism Awareness Month? I am an HSP but Trina's friend Jack is fully nonverbal. And, he still has a lot to say – just types it. You may have seen the videos she has done with him on her Faceboo