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Testimonials from Clients


Carol P. 
Kismet Healing
Bodyworker, Occupational Therapist

Trina and I have walked very similar paths in life. Trina’s willing to go places that most people aren’t and to explore the unknown. She looks beyond the labels, the limitations, and the diagnoses and can see the true person underneath. Some may call her a little different, but that is her gift. From her diverse training and background, she’s able to empower people physically, as well as in the mental, energetic, and spiritual realms. 

Dr. Larissa.jpg

Larissa F.

Sunrice Family Chiropractic, LLC


As a doctor of chiropractic care, I am able to care for physical bodies. I call on Trina to assist with the emotional release of trauma, overwhelm, and fight or flight responses. Being sensitive in a harsh world often leads to living in a constant mode of defense. Trina is gifted at getting children and adults out of survival mode and into a regulated state of peaceful calm, clarity, and safety. She helps light the way to a more harmonious space.

Kelsey T..jpg

Kelsey T.
The Art of BioRhythm
Living Plant Art

I keep trying to get Trina to start a school!! I want her to teach my kids how to read energy, our first language. Trina helped me acknowledge my awareness. She taught me tools to work with concepts of the unseen. So many things we have to deal with can’t be seen or put into words. Trina has a unique capacity to bring me back down to earth while still encouraging me to follow my wildest dreams.


Scott M.

Be The Hero of Your Life
Personal Coach

I came to Trina in search of healing old traumas and to gain greater insight into what was holding me back from the success and happiness I was seeking. 

I am pleased to say that Trina is a deep and thorough healer and that after every session I felt heard and lighter on my feet.  I like the way she gently moves around my body detecting where blocked energy is and then using her intuitive sense to clear the stuck energy in that area of my body.  She is not afraid to try new and out of the box thinking to clear energy. 


I can honestly say that after every session with Trina I felt much better.  I like the fact that she would always check in with me the next day to see how I was feeling.  Since I’ve been working with Trina, my life has steadily improved as old blocked energy has left my body and new insights have come to me.  I highly recommend Trina for any body work or energetic healing work you need.


Jesse B.

Legacy Team KC
Realtor & Mother

I have been on a journey to shift from PTSD dissociation and energetic abandonment of my body to being present and ‘coming home’ to my body while feeling safe in my body.  Trina has assisted me in a next level kind of way. She is able to perceive my energy field, translate messages, transmute & release negative energies, which assisted in releasing physical manifestations of trauma held in my body.

She is a brave ally in assisting my body with connecting to my energy. I completely trust her intentions and gifts. I was impressed with how capable she is to connect to my energy even over FaceTime due to the pandemic. Her connection to others is incredibly powerful. I trust Trina to walk with me into the shadowy corners of my being and guide me as we transmute anything we face together in our session. 

When sessions are complete, my body is euphoric, blissful, open, pain free, balanced, and present. Trina has been a huge part of my awakening process, in a gentle and loving way.


I'm blessed to know her, and feel anyone and everyone could benefit from her healing gifts. She is authentic and inspires others to be themselves truly. I feel empowered by her to show up as me and BE the woman I came here to be. Trina is a very special, and wonderful person.


Helen W. 

Former School Teacher


Trina's gifted ability to create a coherence with the body and the being/spirit allowed me to better understand the struggle with my sensuality and my body.


After my session with Trina during a women's retreat in Costa Rica, I now have a greater connection with my body. I am no longer shut down and guarded. I have an "aliveness" that runs through me! This has not only contributed immensely to my relationship with my husband of  55 years, but also to myself. I have more clarity and joyful presence in my own life!  I’m grateful for the work I have been able to do with Trina!     

Georgia M.jpg

Georgia M.
CEO of Visioneers
Developmental Disabilities Network

Trina is a gifted therapist and bodyworker as she combines energetic awareness (refined sensitivity) to her client’s needs with a wealth of techniques & modalities. She is highly effective in communicating and connecting with the families that she works with, which is greatly needed in families with disabilities. She has a gift for connecting and creating a space that allows the confinements & restrictions on both body and mind to unravel and melt away.

Krista M..jpg

Krista M.
High School Teacher

Trina’s in-depth knowledge, compassion, and relatability truly helped our little boy learn to manage his emotions and nervous system.  Multiple meltdowns a day were part of our everyday life.  Trina taught us a few sensory tools and over time it has made all the difference.  Thanks to Trina, we now have a little boy who knows when he needs help calming down and meltdowns are more of a rarity than normal.  

Ellen S.jpg

Ellen S.
Nanny, Bodyworker

Trina has been a friend, a colleague, and an inspiration. I knew her before I was a parent and I always understood the tools. But now, being a parent to a young child, I get them on a whole other, much deeper level. Using these tools as a parent has allowed me to have a greater relationship with my child, and I see the work Trina does as invaluable. Being a nanny to other infants and toddlers, I am now able to apply these techniques and strategies to better care for the children I work with, allowing me to really connect with them in the way they require and that works for them.


Karen O.
Personal Nanny
Mother of Child with Autism

Trina changed our lives with her positive, caring energy and dedication. She served as my son’s best advocate and occupational therapist over five years during his grade school career. My son was on the autism spectrum and had behavioral, communication and sensory issues that perplexed our family and overran our lives. Trina was dependable, competent and creative with her methods. She motivated our son to make great progress and made the hard work fun. Trina also supported, coached and encouraged the whole family with ways to interact with my son that gave all of us space to breathe and space to just be! This spring, my self-sufficient son will complete his master’s degree, in large part, thanks to Trina


Jack M.
Brilliant Young Man with
Non-Verbal Autism

I like working with Trina because she hears me and gets me. She has a great personality. No one usually listens but she does.

Leigh Ann_edited.jpg

Leigh Ann H.
Physical Therapist

Working with Trina has been a complete joy.  She is an expert in her field and is able to work through very difficult cases with ease.  Trina is well versed in the area of sensory integration and her handling skills are superb.  She is able to switch out her treatment plans seamlessly in order to modify for her patients current needs, this is a skill rarely seen in her field. I recommend Trina without reservations and would not hesitate to send my own family members to be treated under her capable care.


Stephanie T.
Mother of 2 Highly Aware Kids

Through sessions with Trina, I’ve received more access to me. Trina showed me the good parts of myself I wasn’t willing to see. I was cutting off capacities to try to fit in and be “normal” and Trina encouraged me to take up space, shine bright, and own who I am. I have so much more peace and mental clarity now and less anxiety. I can finally hear myself think. 

Foundation Scotland.jpg

Amazing Being

I have been blessed to share multiple sessions with my favorite goofy Superhero, Trina. The work she does is amazing!  Instead of peeling back the onion, so to speak, these sessions go right to the core… cutting through boundaries & preconceived limitations. I have never had a session with Trina in which we were both not laughing and having fun while at the same time covering some pretty heavy issues. Indeed, we completely changed the energy of a situation that had been happening for decades. It was truly a miracle. Bless yourself and check Trina out. 


Shannon D.
Creating Conscious Living
Private Tutor

Trina is amazing at offering insights you never would have thought of, without making you feel inferior for not seeing it yourself. We all have blind spots; it’s not always easy to see where we’re functioning from. A facilitator that cares will empower you to be you, to feel strong, and to know what you know - and that’s exactly what Trina does. Her body work is calming, yet powerful. It changes magnitudes but is peaceful and easy to receive. She meets you where you are and intuitively knows what will create the most for your body. The relief she offers creates ease, and who doesn’t want more      ease?


Jill B.
Special Education Teacher

I’ve worked in the field of special education for 30 years and Trina is one of the best. She’s a great team player and knows how to work well with and engage parents, paraprofessionals and teachers, all with different parenting and teaching styles. Because of this flexibility, she is also an amazing asset to have in the classroom. She’s able to modify activities, games, and projects to meet her students' current needs. 

Ellen G..jpg

Ellen G.
Special Education Administration
Mother of Child with Autism

I have a young adult son with non-verbal autism. Trina has worked with him for 18 years using a combination of modalities, therapeutic activities, and body work. She has an innate ability to connect with him, even though he hasn’t always been able to express himself easily. She understands him when not many do, which has allowed him to blossom into a flourishing young adult. He is now able to communicate through letter boards, typing on his iPad, as well as many other methods of communicating. He’s able to engage and interact with family, peers, and those in his community, which has been the greatest gift I could ever ask for.


Kristy S.
Correct Studio
Pilates Instructor &
Occupational Therapist

As an occupational therapist and certified pilates instructor, I can say from years of experience in these diverse fields that Trina pulls in the best of both worlds. Trina is an amazing colleague and is readily available to bounce ideas off of. She’s great to brainstorm with and troubleshoot any challenges that arise. She combines practical strategies such as therapeutics modalities, nutrition, & body work, with the flexibility of doing what works for you and your life.


Elizabeth H.
Special Education Teacher

I’ve worked with children with different abilities for over 20 years. I’ve always been able to rely on Trina when I am stuck and not sure what to do with a student. Not only does Trina show up when I need her, she always knows what to do. She’s been a great resource on sensory processing challenges and its benefits with my students. She has educated myself and my staff on different techniques and modalities to assist kids to get back to self-regulation and reduce high levels of distress and anxiety. Through these tools, I’ve been able to connect with every kid no matter what they’re going through. 


Diane G.
Special Education Teacher

Trina is a cheerful, fun and  personable therapist to work with. She’s willing to go the extra mile and has a knack for making tough situations lighter and more joyful. She is always positive and encouraging. She doesn’t just get the job done, she makes it fun and is a joy to be around. She is able to keep her spirits up no matter what and shines bright enough to cheer up those lucky enough to work around her.


Faye M.
Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Field Therapy

Massage Therapist

I took a class from Trina when I was struggling with knowing who I was. I felt stuck, depressed and unable to see a way out. Trina has a silliness about her and an awareness to use it when required. It got me out of the seriousness and reminded me of the importance of play, restoring my own humor.  She was able to explain steps and tools that kept me choosing towards the path of least resistance. She empowered me to empower myself and believe in myself. I am now able to laugh at myself and enjoy my horses and surroundings with a greater calmness and joy.

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