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Sensory Solutions for an Inclusive World

Enjoy the best selection of sensory tools for sensory processing, ADHD, autism spectrum disorder, and special needs at Fun & Function.


       Innovative Sensory Products


From fidget toolseducational toysoccupational therapy tools, autism or special needs toys,

self-regulationsensory integrationhandwriting to motor skills development & more, the Therapy Shoppe has you covered.


      Ark's  Therapeutic Oral Motor Needs

 Ark's Therapeutic carries a unique line of oral motor tools, feeding and drinking aids, sensory chews, writing tools & more

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   Your Partner in Wellness & Wellbeing

Since 1998, Eniva has been a trusted source for premium quality, safe and effective wellness products designed to help you excel at living. Experts at Nutrition: the right forms, the right concentrations, and the right combinations.  Pharmaceutical grade ingredients, techniques and standards are a given. Quality is a must.

            Respected Natural Products

Southern Herb carries respected major brands of natural remedies including Kroeger Herb Products, Australian Bush Flower Essences, Dr. Christopher's & more.  

          Empowering Herbal Mastery 

It is Barlow Herbal's mission to empower you to be your own medicine man by providing you with wildcrafted herbs and proven education to take care of your everyday health problems the way mother nature intended. 

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