Sessions include Bodywork, Verbal & Energetic Facilitation done In-Person, Phone or Video Conference.

Private Sessions

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Trina's unique ability to communicate with the body & create a nurturing space begins to unlock & unwind restrictions and limitations that have been hidden. A session begins with a question, facilitating the body & being to release stuck patterns, finiteness & energetic density; dismantling & eliminating what my be holding you back from what you would like to create now & in the future and living with more freedom & ease.


It creates a space that invites & empowers you to know what you know and to unlock possibilities that you did not know existed. What if you were willing to receive everything you have been refusing to receive? 

$300 |  75 minute session     

$150 |  30 minute session

$825 | Package of 3

Facilitation includes areas of health, body, money, wealth, business, relationships, children/family, consciousness & creation of a generative vibrant life and living.

And a variety of the following~

  • Access Bars

  • Body Processes

  • Energetic Facelift

  • Symphony Sessions

  • Manual Therapy~ 

  • Myofascial Release

  • CranioSacral Therapy

  • Energetic Synthesis of Structural Embodiment (ESSE)

  • Space Clearing

  • Neural Organization Technique

  • Sensory Processing

Kid Sessions~ 17 years & under

$225 | 60 minute session

$585 | Package of 3

Space Clearing 

$300  (Plus Travel fee if onsite)

Trina also offers Space Clearing for your  Home &/or Business. 

Space Clearing harmonizes & balances the flow of energy in your environments, your personal  & business living space.

This not about clearing the physical clutter from your environment but clearing the "unseen" energies that may be casing you to feel overwhelmed, stuck or out of balance. 

(Energetic stress, limitations, negative thought patterns, residue of previous owners, environmental disturbances, invisible beings)

And allows the spaciousness, magic & vibrancy that is possible to be present!

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