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Reflect with Presence. Relax your Body. Restore your Mind.          Rejuvenate your Spirit. Rekindle your Inner Glow!


Take a moment to step away from life's complications & chaos and be present with your surroundings.

Over the last couple of years, many of us have awaken to the fact that sometimes we need some tender loving care and to create space so that we can hear our spirit and to have gratitude for the world around us. The vitality of our bodies, our mental health and our spiritual growth, our daily life and our communities rely on our commitment and ability to honor ourselves. 

If not, we lose ourselves, our minds and our loved ones.

Come join us in the Art of Contemplation and the Delight of Living!

Discover presence, connection and community. One of the most genuine and graceful steps with self-care is the powerful connections made with each other, with nature, the movement of our body and the awareness of our physical & energetic surroundings.  Whether that is wandering among the trees, engaging in yoga & streching, propagating plants, reading a book, learning a new craft, kayaking on the lake, sipping a glass of wine or sharing stories amongest each other around a fire blanketed by the starry moon-beamed sky, you can allow yourself to come home to YOU! 

Discover tools & techniques to be more aligned with your physical senses, attuned to your inner presence and expand your energetic capacity to receive healing.

             Embrace Who You Are. Explore Your Gifts and Strengths.

Make Your Awareness Easy To Use. Get Empowered.  Rekindle Your Glow!

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Come join us at a Retreat & Take a PIVOT!


 P= Pause. Take a Pause

 I=Insight.  Empowering Tools to Enhance Your Insight.

V= Value You.  Acknowledge the Beauty & Brilliance of You.

O= Openness. Open Your Heart to the Wonder Surrounding You.

T= Take Time with Your Tribe. Engage & Connect with Your Community. 


"To be empowered, you do not have to be forceful or aggressive. Your strength does not have to be measured by how loud or boastful you are.

Allow the silent nature of a tree to invite you to the strength that lies within.

Grow you roots down and your branches out. It allows you to be that peacful clam, deeply rooted yet still bending with the wind. While reaching out to share your wisdom, the fruits of who you are, to whoever is willing to receive it. All the while providing the supportive shade for others to rest and grow on their own divine path in their own divine time. 

And knowing that the true you, your true self, is right where you are planted. It's right there under the bark of cultural conditioning, judgments, inaccurate conclustions, limited beliefs and other people's opinions that you my have bought as real and true. That you "labeled" as You.

Being the true you, yourself, is actually an unlearning of the conditioning, a disentangling of other's roots and a remembering of who you are under the bark."

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More Information Coming Soon Regarding Retreats!! 

Retreats held locally near the Greater Kansas City Area

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Georgia M.
CEO of Visioneers
Developmental Disabilities Network

Trina is a gifted therapist and bodyworker as she combines energetic awareness (refined sensitivity) to her client’s needs with a wealth of techniques & modalities. She is highly effective in communicating and connecting with the families that she works with, which is greatly needed in families with disabilities. She has a gift for connecting and creating a space that allows the confinements & restrictions on both body and mind to unravel and melt away.

Krista M..jpg

Krista M.
High School Teacher

Trina’s in-depth knowledge, compassion, and relatability truly helped our little boy learn to manage his emotions and nervous system.  Multiple meltdowns a day were part of our everyday life.  Trina taught us a few sensory tools and over time it has made all the difference.  Thanks to Trina, we now have a little boy who knows when he needs help calming down and meltdowns are more of a rarity than normal.  

Ellen S.jpg

Ellen S.
Nanny, Bodyworker

Trina has been a friend, a colleague, and an inspiration. I knew her before I was a parent and I always understood the tools. But now, being a parent to a young child, I get them on a whole other, much deeper level. Using these tools as a parent has allowed me to have a greater relationship with my child, and I see the work Trina does as invaluable. Being a nanny to other infants and toddlers, I am now able to apply these techniques and strategies to better care for the children I work with, allowing me to really connect with them in the way they require and that works for them.


Elizabeth H.
Special Education Teacher

I’ve worked with children with different abilities for over 20 years. I’ve always been able to rely on Trina when I am stuck and not sure what to do with a student. Not only does Trina show up when I need her, she always knows what to do. She’s been a great resource on sensory processing challenges and its benefits with my students. She has educated myself and my staff on different techniques and modalities to assist kids to get back to self-regulation and reduce high levels of distress and anxiety. Through these tools, I’ve been able to connect with every kid no matter what they’re going through. 


Diane G.
Special Education Teacher

Trina is a cheerful, fun and  personable therapist to work with. She’s willing to go the extra mile and has a knack for making tough situations lighter and more joyful. She is always positive and encouraging. She doesn’t just get the job done, she makes it fun and is a joy to be around. She is able to keep her spirits up no matter what and shines bright enough to cheer up those lucky enough to work around her.


Faye M.
Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Field Therapy

Massage Therapist

I took a class from Trina when I was struggling with knowing who I was. I felt stuck, depressed and unable to see a way out. Trina has a silliness about her and an awareness to use it when required. It got me out of the seriousness and reminded me of the importance of play, restoring my own humor.  She was able to explain steps and tools that kept me choosing towards the path of least resistance. She empowered me to empower myself and believe in myself. I am now able to laugh at myself and enjoy my horses and surroundings with a greater calmness and joy.

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