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Trina Rice & Kim Lucien created the Energetic Signature Formula (TM) to help the different ones, the misfits, the highly energetically aware and those who may be "on the spectrum" who are tired of feeling anxious, stressed and misunderstood how to embrace who they are, identify their strengths, get empowered and feel amazing. 

Their target is to make your awareness easy to use, to use your awareness for you and not against you and to acknowledge the power of not fitting in & promote empowering dis-abilities into abilities and capacities.

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“How to Beat Overwhelm & Anxiety~

6 Tips for Being with Energy” 

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The Energetic Signature Formula teaches you to~

  • Make your Awareness Easy to Use

  • Embrace who You are

  • Identify your Strengths

  • Make your Body your Buddy

  • Get Empowered & Feel Amazing

  • and more...

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