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Misfit Squad

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Trina Rice created the Misfit Squad to help the different ones, the misfits, the highly energetically aware or highly sensitive and those "on the spectrum" who are tired of feeling anxious, stressed and miunderstood how to embrace who they are, identify their strengths, get empowered and feel amazing. 

Her target is to make your awareness easey to use, while using it for you, not against you; to acknowledge the power of not fitting in & empower dis-abilities into abilities and capacities.

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Anxiety through ENERGY"

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The Misfit Squad teaches you to ~

  • Make Your Awareness Easy to Use

  • Embrace Who You Are

  • Identify Your Strengths

  • Make Your Body Your Buddy

  • Get Empowered & Feel Amazing

  • And More…

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Carol P. 
Kismet Healing
Bodyworker, Occupational Therapist

Trina and I have walked very similar paths in life. Trina’s willing to go places that most people aren’t and to explore the unknown. She looks beyond the labels, the limitations, and the diagnoses and can see the true person underneath. Some may call her a little different, but that is her gift. From her diverse training and background, she’s able to empower people physically, as well as in the mental, energetic, and spiritual realms. 

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Larissa F.

Sunrice Family Chiropractic, LLC


As a doctor of chiropractic care, I am able to care for physical bodies. I call on Trina to assist with the emotional release of trauma, overwhelm, and fight or flight responses. Being sensitive in a harsh world often leads to living in a constant mode of defense. Trina is gifted at getting children and adults out of survival mode and into a regulated state of peaceful calm, clarity, and safety. She helps light the way to a more harmonious space.

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Kelsey T.
The Art of BioRhythm
Living Plant Art

I keep trying to get Trina to start a school!! I want her to teach my kids how to read energy, our first language. Trina helped me acknowledge my awareness. She taught me tools to work with concepts of the unseen. So many things we have to deal with can’t be seen or put into words. Trina has a unique capacity to bring me back down to earth while still encouraging me to follow my wildest dreams.


Elizabeth H.
Special Education Teacher

I’ve worked with children with different abilities for over 20 years. I’ve always been able to rely on Trina when I am stuck and not sure what to do with a student. Not only does Trina show up when I need her, she always knows what to do. She’s been a great resource on sensory processing challenges and its benefits with my students. She has educated myself and my staff on different techniques and modalities to assist kids to get back to self-regulation and reduce high levels of distress and anxiety. Through these tools, I’ve been able to connect with every kid no matter what they’re going through. 


Diane G.
Special Education Teacher

Trina is a cheerful, fun and  personable therapist to work with. She’s willing to go the extra mile and has a knack for making tough situations lighter and more joyful. She is always positive and encouraging. She doesn’t just get the job done, she makes it fun and is a joy to be around. She is able to keep her spirits up no matter what and shines bright enough to cheer up those lucky enough to work around her.


Faye M.
Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Field Therapy

Massage Therapist

I took a class from Trina when I was struggling with knowing who I was. I felt stuck, depressed and unable to see a way out. Trina has a silliness about her and an awareness to use it when required. It got me out of the seriousness and reminded me of the importance of play, restoring my own humor.  She was able to explain steps and tools that kept me choosing towards the path of least resistance. She empowered me to empower myself and believe in myself. I am now able to laugh at myself and enjoy my horses and surroundings with a greater calmness and joy.

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