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Super Kid Classes

For the Highly Sensitive, the Empaths, the Energetically Aware, those on the Autism Spectrum & More


"Making Magic with Special Kids".

What if different was just different, not right or wrong?  What if a disability is an unacknowledged abiliity? Tools to inspire, make magic and create more ease with the special kids in your life. 


"Disable the Labels".

Would you be willing to go beyond confinements, labels, disabilities, limitations & diagnoses? Are you willing to unlock all the perceived seperation and be a space of total communion?

Pragmatic tools to disable & create beyond the labels. 

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"Is it Sensitivity or Awareness?".

Have you ever been told that you or the kids in your life are sensitive?  What if you are incredibly aware of the world around you?  Questions & tools to assist with sensitivty and the sensitive people in your life.  


"From Therapy and Beyond"

What if therapy could occur from a space of no judgment? What is beyond therapy? What if therapy could be fun?  Learn some tools, tricks & tips to assist with creating more joyful ease in everyday lving from adaptive equipment & activities to precesses. 

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Janiene S.
Holistic Therapist

Trina is fantastic. She created an environment for optimal learning. She is professional and generous in sharing her knowledge and experiences.


Sabrina L.
Bodyworker & Energy Therapist

After class with Trina, I woke up feeling amazing! I didn’t have a zillion things running through my head telling me how screwed up I am.  I could relax and be at ease!  That is really different.  I don’t feel manic or have edginess running through me. Thank you Trina. 


Amy M.
Massage Therapist

Trina is an amazing teacher. She explains the information in a way that everyone can understand. I thoroughly enjoyed her class and would recommend Trina.

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