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Empowering Kids

Empowering Kids to Know that they Know...

What do your children actually know? What if they know more than they are pretending to know?

What if they could be heard and seen as who they are, not who they aren't?


Children are empowered beings in a small body. Just because there body is small does not make what they know small.


Join Trina Rice, Occupational Therapist & Dr. Glenna Rice, Physical Therapist, as they share tips, tools and strategies that create a greater sense of ease in dealing with those difficult moments with kids while empowering them (and you) to know what they know.

Empowering Kids

  • **No refunds on digital files as they can't be re-claimed**


    Files are in mp3 format.

    Delivered in a .zip compressed file since there is part 1 and part 2.  To access the files simple double click on the zip folder, then copy and paste the files inside that to your computer and add them to the music player of your choice.

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