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Super Kid Classes

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"Making Magic with Special Kids"

What if different was just different, not right or wrong? What if a disability is an unacknowledged ability? Tools to inspire, make magic and create more ease with the special kids in your life.

"Disable the Labels"

Would you be willing to go beyond the confinements, labels, disabilities, limitations, disabilities and diagnoses? Are you willing to unlock all the perceived separation and be a space of total communion? Pragmatic tools to disable & create beyond the labels.

"Is it Sensitivity of Awareness?"

Have you ever beein told you or the kids in your life are sensitve? Are you sensitive or are you aware? 

What if what you are is incredibly aware of the world around you?

Questions & tools to assist with sensitivity and the sensiive people in your life.


"From Therapy and Beyond"

What if therapy could occur from a place of space, a place of no judgement?

What is beyond therapy?  Learn some tools, tricks & tips to assist with creating more joyful ease in everyday living from adaptive equipment & activities to  processes.  What if therapy could be fun?

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