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What's Your Flavor?

Is it Popcorn? Is it Champagne? Is it Yoga?

Or Gardening? Maybe it's Nature? Or Music? Is it Cooking?

I was speaking with a friend the other day about following the energy, about surrounding yourself with what makes you happy, brings you joy, what makes your senses come alive and just makes you Sparkle.

We were discussing those "tough" moments of life where things just seem to keep falling apart, where the glistening lessens, finances look sparse, relationships end, where pain seems to be the leading the way into the black hole of nothingness....

(Gheez .... that was light and fluffy )

And it got me wondering what lights me up?

What keeps me shining even when the Sun is covered by clouds?

My friend said that when that gloom had been harboring for sometime, he decided to go to the movies, just for kicks, alone.

He watched Spider-Man then decided to get some popcorn, settle in and stay for Wonder Woman. He took a gloomy day to enjoy himself. And you know what?

At that moment he realized he had that energy.... that bubbled out from the inside.. that sparked his soul and lit him up. It was the energy, the space, the lightness he had been searching for. It was right there in that exact seat in that exact movie theater.... because he was there!

He named that energy, that space, that lightness "Popcorn!"

So now he follows Popcorn ......

Whenever, Wherever, However that energy shows up, he follows it.

It is what brings him joy, ease, happiness...

Following Popcorn is like taking that path of least resistance. And... it has contributed to creating his life.

More money is showing up, more fun people who truly have her back are showing up, more contributory clients are present, more ease and amazing adventures are being chosen.


What is your Flavor? What lights you up?

S p a c e

The space, the energy and the sheer joy that illuminates when contributing more space to someone or something...

that energy is palpable for me when I am able to empower others to know what they know....

It can be as simple as a wink, a silly face,

a smile, a giggle or a laugh that shifts someone's presence.

For me that could be dressing up in a Superhero costume and sharing a smile, making fart sounds with the kids I work with, stretching their limbs that normally don't get touched or being an invitation to a space of possibilities beyond the labels and limitations and definitions that they did not know existed or were unwilling to acknowledge...

What's Your Flavor?

What do you know?

What makes you glimmer with Sparkles and Sprinkles?

Xoxo ️~

Trina Rice

Harmony Therapeutics LLC

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