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Have you been ignoring your intuition's call to action?

Hello to all the brave adventurers out there!

By now, brave adventuring might just feel like surviving. Still living in a body on this planet has felt like a choice for adventure in and of itself lately! Times are tumultuous. Things are uncertain. Many are wondering, will things ever go back to normal? Prices are increasing and "prepping" supplies - like ammo - are flying off the shelves. It's enough to give anyone tuning in at least some anxiety.

This prompted me to do some research. What do I need to be most aware of right now? What do I need to know to prepare for the upcoming change? We all feel it - we know change is coming. I started listening to experts from all different backgrounds and what they recommend we can do for the future. I was really surprised by their answer. Do you know what they advised?

Every expert I have listened to, from financial and economic leaders, investors, real estate pros, to teachers, film and documentary makers, an entrepreneur/parent, and even a Navy Seal have all said the same thing: the most important thing you can do for your future is change your mindset.

I personally was shocked. Maybe you read you needed to become a survivalist expert, or invest in bitcoin. Some say get off the grid and others warn against EMF. Whatever you have read or whatever you believe, all experts agreed that none of that matters if you don't have your mindset right.

Even the wealth expert I listened to said the most important thing you can do is change the tape playing in your head.

The expert on EMF said choose not to live in fear.

The Navy Seal said all the training in the world will do nothing for you if you don't train your mind.

This is good news! It means you don't have spend thousands of dollars you don't have, or worry about everything you see. An old saying goes, "Knowledge weighs nothing." That means you can take it with you, wherever you go, no matter what.

So, all of that being said...

Have you been ignoring the call to action you've been getting? What awareness have you been receiving that you're not acknowledging?

You know what I'm talking about. Have you: A) Received a call to action that you haven't yet acknowledged; B) Acknowledged the call to action... but taken no action; or C) Actively avoided the call to action and tried to avoid doing the work?

For example, I have been getting the awareness to meditate for months now. I used to meditate daily, sometimes twice daily, but lately it's fallen by the wayside. I either felt too anxious to sit with my feelings, or felt like there were other things to be done that were more important.

If you have been avoiding doing the work, I'm here to tell you: you have to do the work. Doing your inner work - listening to that call to action you've been getting - whether it's to meditate, to take a class, to go somewhere, whatever your intuition is telling you - doing the work is the bridge to get there. You can't avoid it any longer.

I know that sometimes when you step on that bridge and begin the work, it transforms from a straight shot into a scary, roller-coaster, rickety, unsure, difficult path to cross! I have ran away from that bridge many times. I tried to go around the bridge, I tried to ignore the bridge, I tried to cover up my awareness of the bridge with distractions - but it was unfulfilling. You have to cross the bridge. You have to do the work!

To do the work and take care of your mindset:

  1. Meditate. If this isn't your thing, give it a try, or at least set aside 5-10 minutes a day to just be still and quiet. Sit in nature and ground/Earth.

  2. Choose not to live in fear, as one expert recommended above. No matter what you see in front of you, consciously make the choice to not indulge in fear or panic. Instead, trust that things will work out. And also take action! Doing the work is taking action.

  3. Investigate where your beliefs come from. Are you thinking for yourself? Have your beliefs been instilled in you from your parents, or what you see on the news? Are they actually true for you? What are you capable of that you haven't acknowledged?

  4. Acknowledge how your response will change under stress. You must acknowledge how your actions and responses will change during an adrenal response, AKA, during fight or flight. This is great advice from a Navy Seal. If you have ever been in a situation where you perceived a real threat and your adrenal response kicked in, even if it's just someone yelling at you, then you know that all rational thought goes out the window. Meditating is a great way to train your mind and strengthen your awareness.

  5. Don't get stuck in trauma. When many people begin what's called inner work, shadow work, or trauma healing, they often get stuck trying to heal every single trauma that's ever happened to them. If you get stuck looking for problem after problem, you not only forget to live your life, you miss out on all the glorious joy life has to offer. All you will see is problems. So begin the work, address the core issue, and then deal with any residual trauma if and when it comes up.

  6. Listen and let go. Lower your barriers to your instincts and intuition. Ask for guidance and it will come. Let go, and the answer will present itself to you when it's time. Acknowledge that the universe has your back ... and also be willing to release control from time to time! It knows much more than you - acknowledge that this isn't your burden to bear and be grateful.

Many of my friends and colleagues have said they have felt the same call to action. It looks different for everyone, but they all are receiving it. What are you being called to? What lingers in the back of your mind that you know you should be doing? This call must be heeded - it's the awareness of your soul inviting you to greater.

I share this not to scare you, but to comfort you. Your intuition knows how to navigate whatever is coming. If you have your intuition, you will know when to leave a situation and what action to take. It is your greatest ally in bad times - and it can make great times even better! If you don't know where to begin, there are many, many books out there on the subject, and I would be happy to recommend a few to kickstart your journey. Just email me at I know it can be hard and scary to listen at first, and I know this is a totally new way of living. Everything has changed, and many of us are being called to step up. I'm here to tell you you are not alone.

Let's build a community of aware, kind, conscious people. Let's all take this big, scary step together! Let's do the work, answer the call, and receive the unlimited gifts from the universe that come with it. You have to do the work - but you don't have to do it alone.

So I'll ask again, what call to action have you been getting? Are you ready to answer?

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