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What is awareness?

This blog was written from a transcript of The Misfit Squad Podcast. To watch the full episode, go HERE!

Did you know we are essentially walking, talking radio receivers of everything around us? How does that relate to awareness? What is awareness, anyway? What is a zone of awareness, and how big is yours? What is a personal energetic signature? These are all questions we'll answer in the coming paragraphs.

Being a radio receiver means you are simultaneously picking up on all the signals around you (physical, mental, emotional, and energetic input) and emitting your own personal energetic signature. You're walking around like a radio tower and, without knowing it, constantly adjusting the frequency depending on the energies around you. You're going to be a different frequency or energy at a live football game than when you’re sitting at home on your couch. You’re going to be a different energy when you’re at the mall shopping and there’s a lot of people around. When you are shopping, you're going to have a lot more energies around you. In nature, you have the same thing. There's a lot of energy around, but it's different energy. More often than not, you’re picking up on a lot of different energetic frequencies at that time.

We each have a unique frequency that we mentioned above. We call it your ‘personal energetic signature.’ Everyone has an energetic signature, kind of like everyone has a fingerprint. Like fingerprints, they are unique to each individual. Then you have all these frequencies that you can adjust along the spectrum of your signature. When we do that, it’s what we talk about in our show Everything is Energy: fine-tuning, changing around, and adjusting our signature to fit, change, or contribute to the energies that we are aware of that are going on around us.

Up until this point, not many of us realized that’s what we were doing. We haven’t acknowledged that we’re aware of energy. To be aware of the energy around you is what we define as awareness.

We misfits are also really good at being what we call energetic chameleons. We can take on different energies at different times to fit in. We can be really excited one minute, then really quiet and withdrawn the next. We can also get overwhelmed when there’s a lot going on, or a lot of different energies occurring.

A lot of us take on the backstage, or the role of the extra. The extra in the room, the extra in someone’s life, or someone’s business. What we mean by that is, let’s use your boss as an example. Maybe they require to be in the front more often. They want to be the face of the company. Or think of a band on stage. The singer is usually in front more and the drummer is in the back. The drummer isn’t like an extra - but he’s not at the forefront of the scene. So that’s how a lot of us can feel in our lives. If you’re a misfit, or you feel different, or you’re aware of all of these energies, a lot of us will take the backstage because you can be that chameleon and you can change your energetic signature in different ways to match those around you.

It’s a huge capacity. Basically, you can read the room! You can walk into any room and know exactly what is required, what energy is required, and then you can be that. Did you know most people can’t do that?

I, Trina, am an occupational therapist and I work with a lot of kids who are on the autism spectrum. There are a lot of times where I have to be the boss energy. I have to be the energy of “This is how this is going to occur.” and I have to be very direct and upfront. There are other times, and you may notice this in your business as well, where you want to create a connection, so you want to be friend or companion energy.

This is all awareness. It’s awareness of all of those energies at all times, and then what role or energy of what is required at that given moment. What energy do you need to be? Awareness is being willing to know what you know, and to know that you know. The more you are willing to acknowledge that, the more you will recognize what you know, and then more of it can show up. Not only will it show up, it will make sense to you.

In addition to our personal energetic signature formula, we also each have our own ‘zone of awareness.’ It’s sort of like a personal space bubble. Both Kim and Trina - we require a lot of space around us - we don’t like people to be too close to us. It can feel like someone is breathing down our neck. So your ‘zone’ of awareness is the bubble surrounding you where you are aware of everything going on in that bubble. The zone is where you are acutely aware of what’s going on and that awareness impacts you. Some people’s zones are 10 feet - others are 10 miles. How much are you acutely aware of right now? The room you’re in? Smaller or bigger?

What does that mean and why does it matter? Well, if you know acutely what’s going on around you in a very large space, you will probably be aware of a lot of different energies almost all the time. You will be able to pick and choose which energies to respond to. You’ll know which energies require your attention and which you want to ignore. Sometimes you might be the chameleon in the background and you love it! Other times you might choose to be more in the forefront. Remember: just because you’re aware of something doesn’t mean you have to do anything about it. It’s all just a choice.

Awareness is knowing what you know with no apologies and without judging yourself. Sometimes it comes in whispers, sometimes it comes in gentle waves, and other times it’s a force that demands attention! A wind blowing at 100mph demands attention now - a butterfly might not. Awareness is lightning fast - you don’t have to think about it. You just know. Ever meet someone and instantly know you never want to talk to them again? Ever walk down a street and think eh - I better turn around? That’s awareness. People might ask, “How the hell did you know that?” If your only response is “Well I don’t know, I just knew it!” That’s awareness.

What are you aware of that you have never acknowledged before? We wonder what would occur if you did?

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