Have you been hitting a wall lately?

I know so many of us are revving our engines and are ready to go after a long year in waiting mode. The weather is changing, Spring is almost here, and it's impossible not to feel the world's vibrating energy of anticipation.

Many of us have experienced many redirects, route changes, and new awarenesses in our year of solitude. Being alone sure does leave you time to think! And we came out of that with new ideas, fresh resolutions, and a sense of peace.

But for some (and for some I mean me), this year of change is not over yet.

While we may have hit the one year anniversary since lockdown began, the changes we made in that time are still producing a ripple effect. We didn't just change course - we got a whole new freaking map.

I'm still learning to navigate this way of being. And, fortunately or unfortunately depending on your point of view, this includes learning a lot of patience.

So many times lately I feel like I'm hitting a proverbial wall - why can't I move forward?! I know what I want to create, the awareness is ever-present in my everyday, so what's the deal?

Then I saw a quote that changed everything:

"If you're continually hitting a wall and feel like you can't move forward, perhaps consider the possibility that the wall is actually there for you to lean on and rest." - unknown

I have learned that the Universe has its own divine timing, and as I do hope to co-create with it, I must learn to go with the flow. Instead, I take action when I get new information, and I patiently (well, my version of patiently!) take two steps forward until I get the next piece of info.

As unfun as it can be, sometimes this means plodding along and feeling like you're not going anywhere. However, that is often when the most change is occurring. It's only after you've done the work that the huge shift can show up.

So rest. This doesn't mean be lazy and do nothing. It means do the work, follow the energy, and know when to step back and acknowledge that there is no work left for you to do right now. You're just going to have to wait until the Universe gives you the next step. And what's right about that? It's almost Spring after all, maybe stop and smell the roses once in a while :)

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