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Changing Structure with Bodies

What if changing your body, the shape & structure could be way more ease than you imagined?

What if your body responded to a question??

What if you actually were willing to nurtured and be kind to your body?

Have you ever considered asking your body a question?

"Are you Hungry?" "Do you require food? Or a drink of water? Or energy?"

"Hey Body, what would you like to wear today?" "Body, what would you like to do for movement today.....stretch? dance? run? bike? lift weights? Yoga?"

How often do you go through your day not even considering what your body may desire? or even require?

Your body has a consciousness of its own and it is so willing to contribute to you and make things easier, if you only listen and allow it. Your body typically will handle whatever you put in your mouth, but what if you listened you make have an easier time digesting, have less belly aches or gas. When you have flatulence, have you considered that it might be trying to tell you, "Yes, I will consume that but I would rather not. It really makes my stomach irritable."

What if your body actually responded to a question?

As with most biology, the structure and shape of a cell is integral to its functions. There are cuboidal cells, hexagonal cells, long and thin cells and more "spherical" cells. Spherical cells allow the cells to absorb nutrients & remove waste quicker due to the surface area to volume ratio. However, if dis-ease is present they may become more elliptical in shape.

Through the 1990's, Dr. Masaru Emoto performed a series of experiments observing the physical effects of words,prayers, music and environment on the crystalline structure water. He said that human consciousness has an effect on the molecular structure of water. Dr. Emoto hired a photographer to take pictures of water after being exposed to the different variables and subsequently frozen so that they could form crystalline structures.

He discovered that the water stamped with words such as, "thank you, appreciation, love and gratitude" had far more symmetrical and aesthetically pleasing crystals compared to phrases such as, "you make me sick or you fool."

If the words and thoughts that come out of us have this effect on water crystals, what effect do words and thoughts have on the people and events that come into our lives?

And did you realize that the amount of water in human body ranges from 50-75%, with the average adult ranging 57-60%?

Hmmmm.... ponder that one.

If you would like fully functioning vibrant cells that are alive, then maybe asking your body some questions would effect the molecular structures of your cells. Therefore it could change the structure of your body with a lot more ease then trying to change it by hitting your head with a brick.

Listen to the whispers!

Here are a few questions you can start asking your body....

1. If you are in pain you could ask, "Body, could we please have some more ease with all of this?"

2. "Body, would you like to consume this? or ""What would you like to eat?" while looking at a menu at a restaurant and see where your eyes go first. It may not be what you thought your body liked.

3. "Body, what would you like to wear today?"

Perceive where your eyes go and that is typically what it would like to wear.

4. "Body, what would you like to do for movement today? "

Run, swim, stretch, Yoga, Lift weights, Pilates, Ballet, Play basketball?

"If we consider that the human body is a universe within itself, it is only natural to conclude that we carry within us all the elements." - Dr. Emoto

Just Ponder it....if only for today.


Trina Rice

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