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Thank you, Body (Thank Your Body)

Thank you for putting up with me, body!

What the heck does that mean?

How many times a day do you check in with your body? Do you ever ask your body how it's doing?

Our bodies do so much for us everyday. They breathe, pump blood, wake up, sleep, walk, talk - all without us having to ask. Our bodies are always there with us, and are always contributing. Do we take them for granted? For many people... that would be a yes!

I noticed somewhere along the line that I would ask, and ask, and ask of my body, but I never took the time to say thank you. I never thought to ask my body would it (he, she) would like to do. Your body is the one actually performing the action. Have you ever thought to ask it what it would like to do, eat, or wear?

This is less about finding a new health routine and more about what people call 'listening to your body.' Some might call this honoring the body, some might simply call it being present. Either way, I have found that the more I'm willing to honor my body's desires, the more willing my body is to work with me on what I'd like to create, like more energy, or feeling less bloated.

What does this look like practically? You know when you've had too much screen time, or when your body is begging for some outside time. Or maybe you know you shouldn't have that extra portion at dinner, but you do anyway. Try to create some time today to ask your body what it would like to do, and then actually listen. My body loves to stretch and go outside. I wonder what yours likes to do?

We're lucky our bodies don't just get up and walk away - literally! They put up with so much of our incessant demands. For something that is constantly with us, it is one of the things that is acknowledged the least in this reality.

I wonder what could shift and change if you thanked your body and acknowledged everything it does for you?

So, again, because it bears repeating: thank you for putting up with me body!

And thanks to all of YOU for being on this journey with me!

Catch ya around,


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