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Two More Steps

Have you been experiencing a lot of crazy changes lately?

Maybe that friendship that you'd been struggling to keep afloat finally collapsed, or you got fired from the job hated. In the moment, these things don't feel fun - in fact, they can feel downright terrible! But what if they are a blessing in disguise?

How many of us hold onto something long after we realize it's not working? For example, have you ever been in a relationship that you knew wasn't working, but you stayed in it anyway? Maybe you stayed in it for years - you thought you could fix it, or you thought you could get the other person to stay.

So many times we are taught to stick with what doesn't work for us - and try to make it work! Rather than stepping away and finding something that really does work for us and our lives. What sense does that make?!

Something has been shifting lately. We are being called collectively to realize our true potential. But in order for us to have what we would actually LOVE, what doesn't work needs to fall away. And that's not always fun or easy.

But the good news is, this is often a sign you're stepping up and into the potency you really are! If you can make it past this tough time, endless rewards await on the other side. Getting fired from a job you hate could be an opportunity to finally start working on that novel you've always put off. Ending a relationship that was going nowhere is a chance to rediscover yourself and maybe even find someone that fulfills the needs the old partner couldn't. If you feel like your dreams are impossible, remember this: you have made it this far. You have always survived, and you have always figured out a way to make it through.

You can do it. The universe has your back and would never present you with anything you can't handle. And remember: when it feels like each day has a whole new set of challenges, or like everything is falling apart, just take two more steps. You are far greater than you can ever imagine and more capable than you have ever acknowledged.

Just take two more steps. I'm right there with ya :)

Catch you on the flip side,


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