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The Best You Can Do

Please, if you have the time, take 30 seconds. Just sit. Be aware of the space around you. Feel yourself sitting in the chair. Relax. Don't think about your to-do list. Don't think about the next 10 things you're going to do after this. Just take a beat.

I would like to take a moment and tell you all: you've done the best you could do with the tools that you had.

Stop beating yourself up. Stop making yourself wrong. Stop constantly telling yourself all the things you could do better.

It can be very easy to compare where we are in life to where others are in their lives. Even in one moment, passing someone on the street, we might compare ourselves to someone we think is better dressed, or having a better day (from our perspective). We can judge ourselves for not reaching a certain point in our career sooner, or for not making as much money as someone we see.

Recently I've had a HUGE flood of new awareness. How does it get even better than that?! The fundamental patterns I've functioned from have come to the surface, and things I'd been pondering for years suddenly have clarity. What a marvelous, wondrous experience. I'm so grateful!

And I also immediately began to judge myself for all the years I wasted not having this awareness. Writing it out, I now see how insane that is. I had to remind myself - I did the best I could. I never gave up, and it got me here. And guess what? YOU never gave up either! And here you are.

So my tip this week is this: Every time you begin to judge yourself for not doing enough or being enough or having enough, please take a minute to tell yourself one to ten thousand times (as you see fit), "I've done the best I could with the tools I had available to me at the time." Or some version of that. Change it to fit you - make it personal.

Collectively, we have got stop judging ourselves so harshly! It seems we have almost been trained to do it. But if we truly want to grow, create change on this planet, and thrive, we have to stop. Let's all make an agreement to be kinder to ourselves, from now on. This is one way to start :)

Thank you, brave souls, for joining me on this adventure!

See you in the sea of possibilities,


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