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We Can't Be Creative if We Refuse to be Confused

"We can't be creative if we refuse to be confused." - Margaret Wheatley

Margaret Wheatley is an author, writing center tutor, and in her words, a conversation facilitator. She writes that many people avoid difficult conversations because it creates confusion. In other words, it digs up deep seated beliefs that we're often unaware we're carrying around with us.

But beyond facilitating difficult conversations, this process of uprooting our beliefs can also be helpful (sometimes required) in our lives as we strive for more. And it can definitely be confusing.

I like to compare this process to taking a very neatly, tightly, and precariously packed box and throwing everything inside it all over the room. Nothing makes sense anymore! The order is gone, there's chaos everywhere, and it certainly made a mess.

But, do you know what's in the box now? Yes. Can you see more clearly each of the bits and pieces and how they fit together? Yes! Can you now discard of all the pieces that aren't serving you anymore, and make more room for the ones that are? YES! What if we can apply this metaphor to our own lives?

You see, we can't be creative in our lives if we refuse to be confused by the mess that is created when we dig deeper. And we must dig deeper in order to undo those limiting beliefs that are so intricately twisted around inside of us. If we truly want to change the patterns and stories we've been living our lives from, it's necessary to look within.

We have to be willing to take out all the stuff we hide in our metaphorical attics, or boxes, or whatever you use, in order to grow and change and create what we truly desire. And of course it will be messy, and of course it will be confusing! But isn't that worth it for the life you truly deserve?

Thanks for being confused with me! ;)


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