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What is spooky and scary to you? (Halloween Special!)

BOO! Happy Halloween everyone!

They say that on All Hallow's Eve, the veil between this reality and the unknown is the thinnest.

How much do you avoid the unknown? Is it spooky and scary to you? Are there choices in your life that are spooky to you because they may lead to the dreaded ~unknown~? What if you could stop avoiding those, just for today?

We let fear stop us from doing a lot, but fear is actually just a distraction to keep you from what you are really aware of. We can't change anything if we refuse to look at the situation.

Often, the choices that scare us the most are the ones we know could create something greater in our lives. Every time we go beyond fear, we choose towards an unknown - but greater - future.

What if you turned and fully faced what you have been avoiding? That might just mean finally coming out of denial, or thinking about the thing you've been putting off. Be brave... what if that one step begins to create a different future for you? One that may not be so spooky and scary - but one that is actually filled with joyous possibilities?

I hope you enjoy the magical energy of this day my friends, and allow it to contribute to you and propel you forward towards the future you've been dreaming of :)

Stay warm!


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