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Energy is Everything

This blog was written from a transcript of the Misfit Squad Podcast, where Trina Rice and Kim Lucien invite you to embrace your difference and turn what is wrong about you into what is strong about you! Go HERE to check it out.

Today we’re going to talk about energy. Doing an image search to add a picture to this blog, we found many examples of what energy is. Wind turbines, people dancing, meditation, nature, electricity, neurons in the brain, stars in space, chakras, DNA - it seems there are lots of different ideas out there about what energy is. What the heck is energy?

As it turns out, all of those images are examples of energy, because they are all energy. In fact, energy is everything. Energy is everywhere. It surrounds us. We can feel it, sometimes we can smell it or see it. It’s in the environment, it’s in the technology that powers everything, it’s our cell phones, airplanes, computers. It’s everywhere and it’s everything. Even the walls in your house that look solid - they’re energy too, just slow energy. It’s the speed at which the molecules are vibrating. Energy is like a living thing in that it’s always moving, changing, evolving and morphing. In this blog we will talk about energy in 3 different ways: energy as frequencies, energy showing up as awareness, and energy showing up in communication. Then we will talk about how to practice becoming more aware of energy, recognizing the signals you’re already receiving, and then using this all to your advantage.

Why is energy important? Because YOU are energy! Your body is energy. And you are a walking, talking radio tower that is also picking up on other energies and other people’s energies. It’s important because if you are also a Misfit, then you’re extremely aware of energy. If you don’t know that, and you assume everything you’re aware of is yours, it can make you crazy! So much of that ‘feeling crazy’ is your awareness of energy and what’s going on around you. The radio tower of you is picking up on all these different frequencies of energies. These can be thoughts, feelings, and emotions, or even just being aware of when the energy changes in an environment. Sometimes the pressure in the air changes or the weather changes and you or your body might get that awareness before it even happens. Your body is also aware. Many of the pains you feel are not yours - it’s your body’s way of telling you what’s going on around you.

It’s easy to take all of that on and think it’s all ours. After all, no one has ever told us otherwise! And that’s why we’re here to let you know that you’re not crazy - you’re just aware. When you take on all this stuff that isn’t yours, it can feel very solid and real, and then you’re trying to change something that wasn’t even yours in the first place! Then you can’t change it because it’s not yours and that’s when the frustration sets in.

Let’s go over some examples of energy as frequencies. Everything is energy vibrating at a particular rate. That means each energy has a vibration frequency. We enjoy or dislike certain frequencies. Have you listened to a song you really love? Or spent time with someone who is very calming to be around? That’s because they are vibrating at a frequency that resonates with you. Have you heard a song that really feels like it goes against the grain of your brain? You know, it’s almost scratching you the wrong way and you can’t stand it? Or maybe you know a person or two like that ;) They are vibrating at a frequency that doesn’t resonate with you.

Now let’s cover some ways energy shows up as awareness. Have you ever been walking down the street and suddenly feel like you’re being watched? Or you walk into a house and can immediately feel a fight just took place. Or maybe you suddenly feel the pressure change in the air around you and think “Huh, feels like it’s going to rain,” even though it’s all blue skies, and then 3 hours later it rains. Perhaps you’ve even been walking and you just know - I’m not going down that street. Or you meet someone and are immediately thinking, “I don’t trust this person.” That is all energy. Have you ever thought of your friend and then your phone starts ringing? One time I thought, “Hmm, I wonder what would happen if the light on top of my stove broke. I’ve lived here two years and haven’t had to replace it yet.” That thought came out of nowhere. I was like man, that’s so random! Two days later, it went out. That was actually awareness, it just didn’t look the way I thought it should. Have you ever just had a feeling, “I should really call this person today. I need to check in with them.” And you don’t know why? Or conversely, maybe you’re following up on a job and you just know not to call this week? That is all energy.

Now let’s talk about how energy shows up in communication. This is how babies communicate, through energy. How do parents know that the baby needs changed, fed, or burped? Don’t all the cries sound the same to anyone else? Babies communicate telepathically with their parents. Each one of those cries has a different frequency that may be very subtle to anyone who doesn’t know that baby.

Animals also communicate through energy. Are you more comfortable with animals than with people? There’s probably a reason for that! Animals don’t require words. They just get it. How much are you already communicating with your animals that you’re not acknowledging? Animals are also not confusing! They’re always congruent. What does that mean? It means their words match their energy. Humans don’t always match. They lie, or maybe they have no self awareness. They’re saying one thing but their energy doesn’t match the words. This is a whole other topic, so if it doesn’t make sense to you, just keep your eye out for future blogs and podcasts from us! We will do one specifically on this.

How can you practice communicating with energy? If babies communicate with energy, then that means that everyone’s first language is energy. It’s not very practical to say, “Go out and find a baby to practice communicating with!” That’s weird. If you have kids or nieces and nephews, great! If not, you can also practice with animals. Do you or your friends and family have pets? Start by just paying more attention. Then start to ask, how much am I communicating with them already? If you don’t have pets, you can also go to the animal shelter and play with the animals there. They will love it, and you’ll get to practice. Win win! This may sound like very vague advice. Imagine a super hero who has just discovered they have powers, but has no idea how to use them. Pretend this is you. “Okay kitty, hello. What do you know? What are you aware of? What can you show me?” It might feel silly, and what if that’s part of the fun? What do you know that you have never admitted you know?

The more you start to be aware of the subtleties around you, the more they start to show up. Practicing mindfulness and meditation is another fantastic way to increase this capacity. You will see how much more observant you are when you’re present. You may even notice you get things done faster or finish projects faster than other people. Have fun with it. Be the super hero you are! Once you trust yourself and your awareness, then you can start to use it to your advantage. You may be able to read people better than most - what people call being ‘intuitive.’ You may also start to have more ‘gut feelings’ than in the past. You can ask, “If I go this event, will it be fun? Will it create more for me?” Maybe you trade stocks. “Should I sell this stock? Or will it grow?” What we will talk about in future blogs and podcasts is how to follow the energy of the awareness you’re receiving. We will talk about using your awareness to distinguish between light and heavy - light means yes, go for it! And heavy means no, maybe best to avoid that.

Lastly, what are some tools you can use to deal with the awareness you're receiving right now? We did mention that a lot of these energies aren’t yours. So what can you do? Next time you have a thought, feeling, emotion, that isn’t very fun, ask a question! “Okay, what is this? Why am I feeling this? Is it mine or someone else’s? What am I aware of?” Be very present with it. It can be challenging at first and that’s okay. This is a totally new skill you’re building. You may not get an answer immediately, and maybe you will! Either way, practice becoming present with each feeling and asking, “Is this mine?” If it’s not, how cool! Let it go, send it back to whoever it belongs to - you don’t even have to know. The important part is you know it’s not yours, so now you don’t have to engage with it. You can continue with your day. This will help you use your awareness for you instead of against you. How many of us use our awareness against ourselves? Let’s make a pact to stop doing that!!

When we don’t know we are aware, it can make us feel crazy. When we know we are aware, we are powerful. We are unstoppable. We are walking super heroes. Literally - no one can take advantage of you because you know stuff. You just know! You will have a leg up on everyone around you and - you won’t feel crazy anymore :) To us, that’s the best part. Having peace and ease in your daily life. And who knows? Maybe you’ll even start to have fun!

We invite you to start being aware of the whispers of energy. Energy is everything and everywhere. It matters because you are energy, your body is energy, and everyone around you is energy. Most of it is not yours. Awareness shows up in interesting ways, such as thinking of your friend right before they call you. Animals and babies communicate primarily through energy. You can become more versed in it by meditating, practicing mindfulness, and practicing communicating with babies and/or animals. Put your hands close together without touching them. Do you feel the space between them? Do you feel the heat? That’s energy. Please give yourself permission to play with this without judging yourself!

Do you know what a force you could be in the world just by being aware and just by being you? You might not know very many people who are doing that right now. What if you could lead the change? You are not alone. People everywhere and waking up and demanding more. You are NEVER alone. We are right here with you!! Can you feel it?

Trina Rice & Kim Lucien created the Misfit Squad (TM) & the Energetic Signature Formula (TM) to help the different ones, the misfits, the highly energetically aware and those who may be "on the spectrum" who are tired of feeling anxious, stressed and misunderstood how to embrace who they are, identify their strengths, get empowered and feel amazing. Their target is to make your awareness easy to use, to use your awareness for you and not against you and to acknowledge the power of not fitting in & promote empowering dis-abilities into abilities and capacities.

Trina Rice, OTR/L, MBe., CF is the Co-Creator of Energetic Signature Formula. A Master Facilitator & Coach and Best Selling Author. She has been an Occupational Therapist for 25 years working with children, young adults and professionals & is the owner and founder of Harmony Therapeutics, LLC, a successful therapy business for over 15 years.

Kim Lucien is the Co-Creator Energetic Signature. A Conscious Business Extraordinaire. Intuitive Animal Lover, Coach and Best Selling Author. Kim has been working with kids & adults on the autistic spectrum for over 25 years as a coach and includes working with horses to create a greater connection with client’s bodies, surroundings, intuitive awareness & communication. Together they address the energetic connection that exist with awareness to help make ‘sensitivities’ easier to manage and flip what may be thought of as a wrongness into a strong-ness.

The Misfit Squad Podcast

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