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Beyond the Comfort Zone

Let the Adventures Begin!!

As another year rolls along, I have been acknowledging where I have stepped beyond that Place called the ...

Comfort Zone!

... and the spaces and places in which I shut down, close myself off, out or chose the what seems the easier route of mediocrity.

The unknown seems so un-comfortable & dis-comfortable that it's easy to continue on with what we know.

We often create a distance from ourselves, our loved ones, our joy, our success, from being different...

We even create a distance between us and our future.

But...What lies beyond that distance?

Beyond that comfort?

What if beyond that comfort zone is the most amazing spectacular wondrous adventure that awaits??

And what if that is just the beginning?

I am challenging myself this year to Go Beyond the Comfort Zone...

beyond that comfortable distance...

The comfortable distance between you and you, between you and your business, your and your relationships, you and your money flows, you and your body, you and your future...

I'm excited for the journey!!

Who's with me??

I dare you!!

What if the world is waiting for us beyond our comfort zone?

May you not to forget the infinite possibilities that are born in yourself and others! 🌟


-Trina Rice

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