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How to have more Gratitude

Five ways to have more Gratitude:

1. Create a gratitude jar. Fill it with handwritten notes of gratitude...."I’m thankful for"...

You can also create a special moment to pull out notes of the jar at random and read them aloud.

2. Post a note. Stick a note. Or hide a note of Gratitude for someone & let them know they are appreciated! Put it on a mirror in the bathroom, stick it in their car or maybe even in their lunchbox.

3. Acknowledge 3 things before you rest your head on the pillow every night that you are grateful for or grateful for what you created/accomplished during the day.

4. Be grateful for our Earth. What 3 things could you gift or receive to the Earth today? It could be as simple as standing in the sunshine allows the beams to caress every molecule of your being and having gratitude for the Sun shining on the Earth. Or the rain watering out Earth. What about the air that allows you to take a fresh breath or feel the breeze on your skin?

5. Be grateful for you! Write 3 things you appreciate about yourself. When is the last time you had Gratitude for you and who you be by just being you?

When you allow yourself to perceive the gratitude of others, or the gratitude that our Earth has for you, you allow more gratitude in your life.

You be the gratitude and then there is way more gratitude to receive.

Be Grateful!!

It's a magnet for miracles!

-Trina Rice

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