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Doing Nothing!

On my Adventure to Australia this past December for my Access Certified Facilitator Training I was on a plane for 27 hours in a small squishy seat. I was ready to read a book that I had been carrying around in my bag for the past few months. And I was ready to sleep or do nothing. Out of sheer curiosity I fumbled through the movie channels to see what was available. Knowing myself, I started by looking at all the Superhero Movies and then moved onto the kids movies. That's when Christopher Robin popped out at me!

The nostalgia of Winnie the Pooh brought a smile to my face. I looked around and of course everyone else around me was watching a drama or action film of some sort. Not me! Yep I am going to my childhood and going have an adventure! Tugging at my heart, I flicked on the sweet story of Christopher & Pooh and entered the Hundred Acre Wood. Childhood memories were flashing at me at my time spent out in the woods by the river collecting rocks and rearranging them in the stream.

I must have contemplated a lot as a kid. I sure had a lot of things to create and make with the Earth. And then all of Pooh's thoughtful life lessons came flooding to me as I thought "There is magic with that bear. He reminds me of being that kid that never quite understood how things worked around here so I played outside a lot with nature."

So now I am here to share with you some of Pooh's infamous invaluable quotes.

Quote #1

Doing Nothing Often Leads to the Very Best of Something.

Hmmm. Who would have thought?

It is the main plot line throughout the film. How often does that message go unheard? At this day and age in out society, we are often praised to worker harder and longer. I know I often get stuck in working harder & longer. We often forget the importance of doing absolutely nothing. We even go so far to think if we are doing nothing, we must be nothing. What if you are being at all times, even in the Nothingness?

What if there is magic in the nothing?

It refreshes the body, relaxes the mind, gives space to your being and some of the wildest, craziest, most amazing possibilities & creations can unfold during the nothing.

How often do you receive an awareness of something you have been contemplating while taking a shower? Soaking in a bubble bath? While walking the dog? Or riding your bike? Stretching in yoga? Cooking a meal? Playing with your kids? Or even while just lying in bed?

None of that is is a whole lotta of something which includes you! Your willingness to be even in the nothing.

Would you be willing to do nothing even if for a moment and allow the very best of something to come your way?

What does Pooh know that you have not allowed yourself to know?

Doing Nothing Often Leads to the Very Best of Something.

~ Pooh

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