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People Don't Always Say What They Mean

We all know this - people don't always say what they mean. Some people are passive aggressive, some just like to avoid conflict, but sometimes, people don't even realize that what's coming out of their mouth doesn't match what's coming out of their head!

What does that mean exactly? Well, take for example the person who tells you how straight forward they are. They make a big deal out of telling people they are confident, a straight-shooter, always honest, or don't take any crap. They are very loud about the fact that they are direct and in charge. Chances are, if they have to tell you all this, they probably don't feel that way.

A look into their personal life may reveal that deep down, they feel powerless and out of control. They may feel they need to assert themselves so everyone knows they are not to be messed with - because deep down, they fear getting taken advantage of. Maybe they have a history of not standing up for themselves, or they recently felt like someone disrespected them. Either way, what they're saying doesn't match the truth.

I call this discrepancy being 'in-congruent.' The energy of what the person is being doesn't match what they're saying. The person may be trying to hide this in-congruency (like in the example with the person making a point to assert themselves). Other times, they may not even be aware of this. However, energy never lies.

Now, for someone who is aware of energy and picks up on that, this in-congruency can be very confusing. People who have been diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), Asperger's, or who have been labeled as "on the spectrum" are incredibly good at picking up on these unspoken signals - AKA, reading energy. When what someone says doesn't match the energy, it can be confusing because people will insist what they're saying is true, when people who can pick up the signals know that it isn't!

Animals and nature are always congruent. Their intentions always match their energy. This is why being around them can be so much easier than being around people. Animals and nature never lie either. What we all have to learn is how to read the energy, keep that information for ourselves, and then respond to the words someone is saying in a way that they can receive.

What could that look like? It could be that someone says yes they would like to go out or spend time with you, but you know they're just saying that because they don't want to hurt your feelings. A response I would not recommend is, "I know you're lying. Why would you tell me you want to hang out when you don't??" Instead, use the information people are unconsciously giving you to create greater in both your own life and theirs. It's not always easy, but it is infinitely easier than calling people out on their in-congruency all the time. That's not your job, and they probably didn't ask for it anyway!

Other examples include a car salesman who insists their product is top of the line though their energy indicates that they're lying, when someone is trying to get something they want and are not up front about it, or even when you are suspicious of someone and don't know why. Even if you can't put words to it, it's still an awareness!

What would our world be like if we trusted our gut and followed our intuition, instead of listening to the lies people tell? Energy never lies!

Catch ya next time friends,


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