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What do you turn to in times of stress?

What do you turn to in times of stress?

Things have been really intense lately. Have you noticed?

From the rain forests being on fire, to the threat of new viruses, sometimes it can be... well, a lot!

So when things become stressful, what do you turn to?

Do you question it, remember what you know, or do you take it all on and think the panic is yours?

Today, I invite you to remember 3 things:

1. You are like a radio receiver, picking up every thought, feeling and emotion in a 100 - 1,000 mile radius.

2. Don't buy what everyone else is selling - use question instead!

3. Every thought, feeling, and emotion you have is radiated back out into the world. What would you like to share with everyone? More panic? Or gratitude and love?

When you become aware of this anxiety that many people may be feeling, you can use my action plan! :)

1. Ask, is this mine? Who does this belong to? If it lightens up at all, it's not yours! Then return it all to sender with consciousness attached. (You can just say that - no other work required!)

2. When people or the media are sharing "information" with you, ask (yourself, in your head): is this true? Anything that feels light is true, and if it feels heavy or weird, it's a lie. Don't buy all their panic - remember what you know.

3. Do your best to be more of what you would like to see in the world. If you would like to see more kindness, love, gratitude, and/or joy, be it! You just might be the invitation someone else was waiting for to be the kindness they truly be. You being you allows other people to show up as their true selves as well.

So what will you be? Will you be the panic everyone else is choosing? Or will you be the space where people feel safe enough to be who they truly are? It's all choice my friend :)

Grateful for all of you,


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