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Everything is the Opposite of What it Appears to Be

There are so many things that I want to say, empathy that I want to give, and tools that I want to share with you all. There are so many different directions this blog could go. I want to share everything I have with you all, to lessen your loads, and take away some of the burden. Unfortunately, that is hard to do in a short blog :) But I do hope by sharing some tools, you can begin to feel in charge of your reality again. The main take away today is - all is not as it appears! Or in other words, everything is the opposite of what it appears to be.

What does that mean? Well, what if this is the change we've all been asking for showing up in a totally different way than we expected? This may look like chaos and destruction, but what if it's actually the dismantling of a system that didn't work in the first place?

What if this is a chance to rest and recharge? The Earth is already healing. Have you seen the news? No, not the scary news about the pandemic - the beautiful and amazing news about the animals and the Earth taking this opportunity to heal themselves. What if now is a time for us to do the same?

Everyone has an opinion right now, and I can't tell you what is right and true. Would you be willing to look deep within yourself and ask what is true for YOU? What do you know? What are you aware of?

Are you willing to know what you know even if everyone else thinks you're crazy? What if now is the time to trust yourself and be the difference you truly be? Your joy, kindness, and gratitude will create so much more for the world right now than fear, sadness, and stress. Are you willing to BE the difference that contributes to the world? :)

As a special gift for you in these turbulent times, below is a list of some of the tools I have been using (essentially nonstop) to trust my knowing and be the joy I truly be. I hope they contribute to you as much as they have to me <3

1. Who does this belong to? Is this mine? Ask this with any thought, feeling, or emotion - especially anxiety.

2. What's right about this that I'm not getting?

3. How does it get even better than this?

4. Fear is a distraction. It keeps you from what you are really aware of. Be present - be grateful for what you have in this moment.

Last but not least, don't forget to be kind to yourself! Hold space for yourself. Feel what you need to feel. Just don't dwell on it - because I have a feeling amazing possibilities are just around the corner :)

Thanks for being a part of my wonderful - and sometimes wacky! - adventures.

See you soon,


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