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Reality called - I hung up!

How many of you were enjoying your day on, oh, let’s say, Tuesday? Just a random day. You were doing something you particularly enjoyed (or at the very least, didn’t hate) and were grateful and satisfied. You decided to take a break, opened your phone, and BAM – you suddenly were bombarded with everyone’s insanity. You remember the pandemic. You remember the anxiety felt around the world. That’s reality calling!

What do you do when reality calls? Do you hang up? Or ask it how it’s going? Be what I like to call a fork in the soup. Just let it flow. Don’t get stuck in everyone else’s muck! Create your own reality instead.

What does that mean? Well, you were enjoying your day and felt calm and at ease. That’s your reality. You see, your point of view creates that – not the other way around! Read that again. Reality does not create your point of view. Wherever we put our attention and energy is what grows. Have you noticed that the more attention you give the news, the stress, and the panic, the bigger it feels? Give your own reality that same care and attention instead, and watch it grow. Watch your world get easier, lighter, happier.

It seems counter intuitive. But has worrying, stress, and anxiety ever created anything more for you other than that? Next time reality calls, hang up. Don’t even answer the phone! Because it’s all just everyone’s points of views. Stay out of the muck. Don’t engage with their points of views. Create your own reality instead.

Which would you like to contribute to the world right now? A sweet relief, a haven, a calm space where people feel safe and loved? Or more panic? More fear? And worst of all, more muck? You know what they say – be the change you wish to see in the world! Or in this case, be the fork 😉

See you out there,


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