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Being Empowered

“To be an empowered, you do not have to be forceful or aggressive. Your strength does not have to be measured by how loud or boastful you are....

Allow the silent nature of a tree to invite you to the strength that lies within.

Grow your roots down and your branches out. It allows you to be that peaceful calm deeply rooted yet still bending with the wind. While reaching out to share your wisdom, the fruits of who you are, to whoever is willing to receive it. All the while providing the supportive shade for others to rest and grow on their own divine path in their own divine time.

And knowing that the true you, your true self, is right where you are planted. It’s right there under the bark of cultural conditioning, judgments, inaccurate conclusions, limited beliefs and other people’s opinions that you may have bought as real and true. That you ‘labeled” as you.

Being the true you, yourself, is actually an unlearning of conditioning, a disentangling of other’s roots and a remembering of who you are under the bark."

-Trina Rice

Trina Rice, OTR/L, MBe., CF is the Co-Creator of Energetic Signature Formula. A Master Facilitator & Coach and Best Selling Author. She has been an Occupational Therapist for 25 years working with children, young adults and professionals & is the owner and founder of Harmony Therapeutics, LLC, a successful therapy business for over 15 years. She is currently a co-host of The Misfit Squad Podcast, where she helps listeners to make their awareness easy to use and invites them to embrace their differences, shifting dis-abilities into abilities.

In between traveling, enjoying our Earth and cosplaying as a Superhero for charity events and comic-cons, Trina loves facilitating classes around the globe inviting people to inconceivable possibilities and more joy. She also enjoys facilitating kids and adults in person, phone or video conferencing to have more ease and the brilliance of them.

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